Purpose of the TPEA Advanced Training Program in the Psychotherapies

The purpose of the TPEA Advanced Training Program in Psychotherapies is to prepare trainee Psychiatrists and Consultants to practice at an advanced level in the psychotherapies as an integral part of Psychiatric treatment.

This inclusive integrated RANZCP accredited psychotherapy training program available to Psychiatrists and Psychiatry trainees and CMOs supplies the “keystones” to bind, support and enhance all clinical learning. This knowledge and experience allows Psychiatrists to work effectively with the widest range of patients in real practice, get the specialist skills to change patients’ lives and to create a solid foundation for careers in private & public practice.

The courses consist of a 6 month Core Program in four psychotherapy chapters followed by 18 months further Advanced Training in Individual Dynamic Psychotherapy. As indicated by the RANZCP Advanced Training curriculum it is also possible to pursue Structured/Brief Psychotherapies, Family & Couples Psychotherapy or Group Psychotherapy options.

RANZCP accredited Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies is available by participating in the TPEA seminar or DVD/web-based distance education programs and by completing supervised cases.

The Courses are integrated, relevant, clinically focused and flexible. Training components can be done in parallel or in series.

Psychiatry registrars can pursue Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies while working in many other Advanced Training posts and while concurrently working towards other Advanced Training certificates.

The RANZCP will award Fellowship before completion of all AT-Psychotherapies components which can be completed at trainees’ own pace.