Branch Distance Education

Applicants will need to be enrolled with their local RANZCP Branch Director of Advanced Training –Psychotherapies (List of DoATs) and with the TPEA.
For TPEA Application for Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies click here.

TPEA AT-P Core & IDP distance education programs are available to all Psychiatrists, Registrars & Psychiatry CMOs throughout Australia & New Zealand.

They offer AT-P in Branches where limited local expertise or training is available.

Trainees in rural NSW, ACT, Queensland, SA, WA and NZ have undertaken this AT-P using the Course DVDs and assistance from this website (ex 2010)

Interstate enquiries please contact the Project manager at: and your local Director of Advanced Training –Psychotherapies (List of DoATs) about joining the TPEA Advanced Training in Psychotherapies distance education program.

For information on Skype click here

  • NB: The Course DVDs and associated information provided on this website are available only to eligible enrolled TPEA trainees.
  • Copies of the TPEA DVDs are available at cost to the local Branch DoAT-P or tutor. They must ensure that they are not distributed or copied. The viability of the future of the AT-P Course depends on this being respected and strictly observed.
  • Associated information regarding Advanced Psychotherapy supervision and infant/toddler observation can be obtained from your local Director of Advanced Training-Psychotherapies.
  • For NSW approved AT psychotherapy supervisor information click here.

For more detailed information contact the Branch Director of Advanced Training –Psychotherapies:   List of DoATs

The Psychotherapies Education Association Distance Education Fee Structure

The TPEA manages these Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies Courses. The fee structure adopted is to assist distance education in smaller branches.

The Course is run on a not-for-profit basis. Any surplus after costs including unclaimed fees remain in AT-P Course budget goes towards Course maintenance & development.

The RANZCP makes no financial contribution to the development or maintenance of this training but does mandate and accredit it.

All correspondence regarding fees should be directed to the NSW AT-P Project manager:

Note: If the tutor wishes to buy a copy of the Course DVDs, he/she must notify the Course Project Manager who will prepare an invoice for $50+postage (the cost of each of 3 sets of DVDs) and once paid will mail  the DVDs.