Find a Psychiatrist Psychotherapist

Start with your GP:

To find a Psychiatrist Psychotherapist a good first place to start getting help is to visit your local general practitioner (GP).

Check carefully first:

Remember to ask for a referral to see a Psychiatrist specialising in psychotherapy. Some psychologists have little clinical training and others calling themselves psychotherapists little or no qualifications at all! Many offering psychotherapy are not well trained or experienced. We strongly recommend that you check the qualifications of counsellors or psychotherapists offering help.

Why consult a Psychiatrist for psychotherapy?

  • Quality accredited training
  • Trained in a wide variety of approaches not just one
  • Can distinguish between and assist with life crises, ongoing personal / relationship problems and other serious psychiatric problems Can combine psychotherapy and medication
  • Attracts significant Medicare rebates.
Psychiatrists are medical specialists who learn psychotherapy as part of their extensive 5 year specialist training after more than 7 years of medical training and residency. Quite a number of Psychiatrists undertake years of further lengthy psychotherapy training beyond this.

The Royal Australian & NZ College of Psychiatrists:

The Royal Australian & NZ College of Psychiatrists State Branch office  will be able to advise you or your GP about the location of nearby Psychiatrists who offer psychotherapy.
The Psychotherapies site director can assist with finding an expert in Sydney -email to:


In an emergency consult your GP or nearest General Hospital Emergency Department or Community Mental Health Team.