Stand Alone Infant Observation Experience



Infant Observation involves observing the “normal” development of a baby from birth with her/his care givers in the home environment.  NSWIPP offers an Infant Observation Experience as a stand-alone program.

This is run alongside the Infant Observation component of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training.  It may also be possible, following on from the Infant Observation Experience, to join the full Training Program, subject to meeting with the pre-requisites for the training and being accepted following application and interview.  Information about the Training can be found on the NSWIPP website

Observers make contact with an expectant mother and her family prior to delivery, and then visit her and her baby at home at weekly intervals for the next twelve months.  Extension of the visits for a longer period to observe later development is sometimes possible.

Careful notes about what is observed during the visits are written after each observation. These are then considered in small group seminars with a seminar leader. These seminars are usually held in the day for one and a half hours each week.

The discipline of being an attentive observer of a developing relationship evokes intense feelings. This provides a solid foundation for involvement with emotional states evoked in clinical situations.

We conduct this program on a regular basis with regular opportunities for applicants to join a new or existing group.

If you would like to discuss this in detail with one of NSWIPP’s Infant Observation Seminar leaders, please contact Jan as below.

Further Information: Please contact Jan Kerpan, Administrative Assistant, (02) 9558 3175 for further information and application details.