Advanced Training Programs

Before enrolling ensure that AT-P programs are RANZCP accredited. Contact  RANZCP DoATs to check accreditation.

RANZCP accredited AT-P courses

Core AT-P training is mandatory. Thereafter there are various accredited options:


1. NSW Advanced Training Options:

The Psychotherapies Education Association (TPEA):

The detailed AT-P program listed on this site is conducted under the auspices of TPEA. Courses are run on a not-for-profit basis.

AT-P Core Course

AT-P Individual Dynamic Psychotherapy 1 & 2 Courses

Enrol in TPEA AT-P program


Other NSW Training Courses:

NSW Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  

Westmead University of Sydney Masters of Medicine (Psychotherapy)  


2. Victoria:

RANZCP Core AT-P Course -2017 program outline

Flow Chart - 2017

Victorian DoAT:

The Victorian Association for Training in Psychodynamic Psychiatry:  VATPP  

Other Victorian Self Psychology group - for details of 2011 -2013 course click here.


3.South Australia:

South Australian AT-P Prospectus

Contact the South Australian DoAT:                  


4.Other Branches:

All Branches - NSWIoP Core & IDP distance education program: Distance Learning

Contact the DoAT in your branch and the applicable training organistaion.


Enrolment in NSWIoP

If you choose this training institution (in NSW or as a distance learning student - Distance Learning):

Complete the enrolment form (TPEA Application form) + Contact the Project Manager regarding fees:

The TPEA annual fees will include the set of Course DVDs which will be supplemented by weekly information posted on this site.

Your secure login password will be then supplied to you for access to detailed website AT-P information.

NB: The DVDs and access to detailed website AT-P information are subject to copyright and website security and are strictly limited to enrolled TPEA students.

DVDs are not for sale nor are they to be reproduced under any other circumstances.

Completion of the TPEA seminar program will be awarded the TPEA Certificate of completion.

For more information, contact the AT-P Project Manager: