Application for Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies


The prerequisites for joining RANZCP Advanced Training -Psychotherapies(AT-P) are completion of Basic Training requirements and successful submission of an application for Advanced Training. See RANZCP Certificate of Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies -Selection criteria.
Trainees completing Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies will be awarded the RANZCP Certificate of Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies.

AT-Psychotherapies attracts approximately equal numbers of registrars in their final training years and graduated Psychiatrists seeking further expertise & training.

Trainees already enrolled in other RANZCP Advanced Training can opt to transfer to AT-Psychotherapies or can do two ATs concurrently, the latter option requiring a minimum of three years to complete. Several trainees have completed joint ATs in recent years.

Time spent in other AT is often creditable towards Fellowship attainment while AT-P always requires that all three elements of training are completed irrespective of time within a six year currency period. 

Application Process

The following is a brief summary of the process for joining RANZCP Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies. To answer any questions about the RANZCP application process contact your RANZCP Branch Office or local DoAT.

RANZCP Application

To apply for RANZCP Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies the following paperwork must be completed:

1. Application form to commence RANZCP Advanced Training

2. Brief covering letter including an outline of the reasons you would like to enter Advanced Training in Psychotherapies.

3. Curriculum Vitae including mailing and contact details.

4. Three referees’ reports are required for registrars/CMOs and Fellows. Once your application is received, the College will contact your nominated referees and send them a referee report form to complete.

5. Statement regarding work performance from each hospital/training scheme at which candidate has been employed during the past 18 months.

6. A current Certificate of Registration Status attesting to current registration from the relevant Medical Board (unless already enrolled in Generalist AT) dated within the last three months . This must be applied for and a fee paid. Have it sent directly to the Chairman Branch Training Committee at your local Branch Office.

7. You will need to visit the RANZCP website homepage, and go to Pre-Fellowship ->About the Training Program -> Certificates of Advanced Training -> Psychotherapies:  link here

All trainees mid-Fellowship who are unfamiliar with the current CBFP format should read the information carefully and can discuss details with their Director of Advanced Training (Dr Jeffrey Streimer in NSW).

NB: Ensure that you keep copies of all forms submitted & correspondence. Send one copy to your DoAT and copies signed by your DoAT to the College.


RANZCP AT-P Interview

A successful interview by the local DoAT and another training committee member, will see you recommended to the College to commence AT-Psychotherapies and your training time will commence.

The RANZCP charges annual fees for all trainees and Fellows participating in a RANZCP Training program.

RANZCP Training Fees     

Applying to commence training with your chosen accredited training institution

This is completely separate from the RANZCP application process and needs to be completed concurrently.

There are various options available depending on your training location.

NB: Contact the training organisation and check that they are RANZCP accredited for AT-P.

Some training organisations will offer complete RANZCP accredited training. Some are partially accredited requiring additional completion of Core AT-P training. Core AT-P training is mandatory for the awarding of the RANZCP Certificate of Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies.

RANZCP accredited AT-P courses

Core AT-P training is mandatory. Thereafter there are various accredited options:

1. In NSW:

The Psychotherapies Education Association (TPEA) Enrolment Process:

TPEA Courses commence with Core then offer Individual Dynamic Psychotherapy 1 & 2.

The detailed AT-P program listed on the Psychotherapies site is conducted by The Psychotherapies Education Association.

These Courses are run on a not-for-profit basis to minimise costs.

If you chose this training institution (in NSW or as a distance learning student - Distance Learning):

Complete the enrolment form (TPEA Application form) + Contact the Project Manager regarding fees:

The TPEA annual fees will include the set of Course DVDs which will be supplemented by weekly information posted on this site.

Your secure login password will be then supplied to you for access to detailed website AT-P information.

NB: The DVDs and access to detailed website AT-P information are subject to copyright and website security and are strictly limited to enrolled NSWIoP students.

DVDs are not for sale nor are they to be reproduced under any other circumstances.

Completion of the TPEA seminar program will be awarded the TPEA Certificate of completion.

 For more information, contact the AT-P Project Manager.

Other NSW Training Courses:

NSW Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  

Westmead University of Sydney Masters of Medicine (Psychotherapy)  


2. Victoria:

RANZCP Core AT-P Course

2009 Core Reading List  (will be updated soon)

Flow Chart


Victorian DoAT:

The Victorian Association for Training in Psychodynamic Psychiatry:  VATPP  

Other Victorian Self Psychology group - for details of 2011 -2013 course click here.


3.South Australia:

South Australian AT-P Programs

Flow Chart

Contact the South Australian DoAT:                  


4.Other Branches:

Contact the DoAT in your branch and the applicable training organistaion.

 All Branches - NSWIoP Core & IDP distance education program : Distance Learning