Slides of the Psychotherapy Written Case Workshop


Click below to access the PowerPoint slides of the 4 presenters at the Psychotherapy Written Case Workshop given at the recent Faculty of Psychotherapy Conference held in Sydney

Formulation in the PWC: A relational and attachment approach-Dr Loy McLean

The Psychotherapy Case in the 2012 CBFP-Dr Beth Kotze

The Psychotherapy Written Case-Dr Jeff Streimer

Passing the Long Case-Dr Vlado Gojak

Other helpful Resources

The HETI Complete Clinical Examination in Psychiatry including a chapter on the Psychodynamic Formulation

The RANZCP website contains a number of important resources in relation to the Psychotherapy Written Case including guidelines, marking sheet and a reading list

This Article on "Formulation for beginners" by Slezer & Ellen was published in Australian Psychiatry in 2015 and is a good starting point for approaching formulation 
Australasian Psychiatry