Sigmund Freus Discovery of Psychoanalysis Conquistador and Thinker


NSWIPP May 2015 Continuing Education Seminar

Sigmund Freud’s Discovery of Psychoanalysis:

Conquistador and Thinker.


By Paul Schimmel


Dear All,


NSWIPP is pleased to invite you to the May Continuing Education Seminar entitled “Sigmund Freud’s Discovery of Psychoanalysis: Conquistador and Thinker” by Dr Paul Schimmel to be held at NSWIPP premises, 123a Mitchell Street, Glebe on Monday, 25th May at 7:30pm.


In this presentation Paul Schimmel will speak about his recently published (2014) book Sigmund Freud’s discovery of psychoanalysis: conquistador and thinker.


In 1900 Freud wrote to his friend and confidant Wilhelm Fliess that he was ‘not a thinker’ but a ‘conquistador’. Paul will describe how his book attempts to understand the evolution of Freud’s thinking and theory, especially during the crucial years 1895-1900, in terms of Freud’s personal emotional journey. He will discuss why he has framed Freud’s process of the discovery of psychoanalysis in terms of these dichotomous aspects of Freud’s personality, ‘conquistador’ and ‘thinker’; and also consider what it means to ‘discover’ psychoanalysis. 


Please see the attached notice for further details.


Cost is $40 including GST. Please RSVP to Lyndall Rees on or 0406 975 434.