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All in the Mind. Kay Redfield Jameson, Feb 2010

Interview with Kay Redfield Jameson, acclaimed psychiatrist and author of "an Unquiet Mind" depicting her struggles with Bipolar Disorder. In this candid interview she discusses on the death of her partner and the nature of grief

All in the Mind.  Dreams: the body alive! (Part 1 of 2), Jan 2010

Jungian psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Robert Bosnak is a dream worker. To him dreams are an ecosystem of imaginings—powerful bodily experiences populated by characters with their own intelligences. When you encounter the images of your dreaming mind do you find one Self, or many?
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All in the Mind. Dreams: the stuff memories are made of? (Part 2 of 2), Jan 2010

Dreams feel meaningful—drawn from a mishmash of content from our waking lives. But it's a hot debate among scientists, who are yet to confirm why we sleep, let alone dream. Neuroscientist Matthew Wilson's extraordinary experiments involve eavesdropping on the sleeping minds of rats. He proposes dreaming is central to how we remember and learn.
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All in the Mind. Archival Curiosities: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on death and dying (from 1978)

Psychiatrist Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's book On Death and Dying in many ways transformed the way we publicly and privately talk about death and grief, and inspired the modern palliative care movement. From the depths of the ABC's rich archives comes this 1978 interview with Kubler-Ross. She died in 2004, and her ideas and legacy continue to provoke, and to court controversy.
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Life Matters. Psychology blues (Feb 2010)

The Health Report. The effect of parenting on psychological wellbeing (March 2010)

Life Matters. Understanding through psychodrama: Yaacov Naor (March 2010)

What does the mind retain when exposed to disasters such as deadly bushfires or to other traumatic events and how do these memories then manifest in our physical being, our emotions and our interactions with others?
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It's a Minefield! All in the Mind at the 2010 Sydney Writer's Festival (May 2010)
Is neuroscience the new philosophy? Danish science writer and neurobiologist Lone Frank thinks the radical self-knowledge it offers us will help us transcend human nature. From the stage of the Sydney Writers' Festival, she dons The God Helmet, encounters her chemical self and hesitates before having a brain scan.
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All in the Mind. Is ignorance bliss? The getting of wisdom (May 2010)

All in the Mind. You, the Scientist! Personal Construct Psychology (April 2010)

The Health Report. The effect of parenting on psychological wellbeing

Life Matters. Why play matters, even for adults (July 2010)