PCC@SIP A new course offered by the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course at Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis 2012
Information Evening

is a new course that will be offered by the SIP from October 2012 to September 2013.

The deferral from the original commencement of July 2012 will improve the course and may better suit some students who would like to participate in PCC@SIPP

PPC@SIP will provide an excellent opportunity for clinicians to challenge and extend their understanding of psychodynamic theory, and to develop its clinical application in their daily work with patients.

PPC@SIP is an extended professional development module that also offers an insight into psychoanalytic training.

The intake group for October 21012 is almost fully subscribed. If you are interested please notify the PPC@SIP Committee soon.
The Committee would welcome questions, and would like to give potential applicants a good sense of the syllabus and the way the
theoretical and clinical seminars will be used to develop analytic thinking.

For more information about PPC@SIP, the Course Outline and Application Form can be found at:www.sydneypsychoanalysis.asn.au/news/psychodynamic_psychotherapy_co

For enquiries, or RSVP, contact Libby Dunn, Liz Kerr,
Kaye Nelson, Leonie Sullivan, or Mark Howard
Email: ppc-at-sip@iinet.net.au