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Models of the Mind 2019
Registrations now open

A reminder to interested persons that first Interviews for ‘Models of the Mind’ will be occurring in early December. You are invited to peruse further information about this course offered by the Melbourne Institute for Psychoanalysis outlined in the email below, and if interested submit an Application asap.  
Key aspects about this introductory course include:

  • A 25-week course run on Thursday evenings (7:30pm to 9pm) from March to October 2019. The course is not run during school holidays, and has a longer break across all of July. It is held at the Melbourne Institute for Psychoanalysis in Hawthorn and Applicants do need to be able to physically attend.
  • Open to Mental Health professionals, and other professional graduates interested in learning about psychoanalytic thinking around the contributions of key theorists (Freud, Klein and the post Kleinians, Bowlby, Winnicott and Bion).  In addition, there are some focused groups of seminars around some key analytic concepts: the Analytic Position; Infantile Experiences; Dreams and Sexuality & Identity.
  • A stand-alone Professional Development course as well as a course that may interest those considering Analytic Training in the future.
  • The seminar framework is a group exploration using a combination of primary and secondary source reading.  Each Seminar topic is led by one or two MIP Analysts. 
  • Some Bursaries funded by the Australian Psychoanalytic Foundation, may be available for participants who would otherwise find participation difficult.
  • Early application is encouraged. The maximum group size will be 12 and the minimum 6.

Any inquiries please contact Tim Alexander via the APAS website under ‘Introductory courses’  

Further information
March - October, 2019
Melbourne Institute for Psychoanalysis
400 Tooronga Road
Hawthorn East VIC 3123
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