APS Presents a 2 day Workshop Helping families following an unexpected pregnancy outcome


This two day workshop is designed for professionals working with families and children who have experienced an unexpected outcome of pregnancy. Special emphasis will be placed on infant loss, the pregnancy that follows loss and loss within a multi-fetal pregnancy. These unexpected outcomes cause disruption and destabilization of the family and greatly alter one's role as a parent. Parents, as well as children in the family, struggle to redefine their role to the deceased baby as they learn how to live with grief as part of their family story. Using the continued bond and attachment theories as the bases of the workshop, participants will be introduced to a relationship focused prenatal attachment model of intervention that can be used with parents and children at the time of loss, in the pregnancy that follows and also supports the on-going parent-child relationship.

The conference will be held at the Novotel Sydney Central 169-179 Thomas St Sydney on March 21 and 22

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This workshop is designed to help

1. Gain an understanding of the historical perspective of pregnancy and infant loss and the changes needed today.

2.Outline the types of experiences bereaved families may have when their baby dies.         

3.Identify intervention strategies using an attachment focused model of prenatal parenting for parents to understand their continued bond with their deceased baby while attaching to a new unborn baby during the pregnancy that follows loss

4. Describe the impact of loss and grief on men and issues they may face in the pregnancy that follows.

5. Gain techniques for guiding parents in sharing information with their children at the time of loss and in the pregnancy that follows

6.Recognize and describe how an unexpected outcome can impact parents relationship to siblings alive at the time of loss and helpful interventions to support their relationship    

7.Identify the complexity of grief and attachment for parents when there a loss in a multi-fetal pregnancy

8.Explore interventions for parents as they continue a pregnancy and prepare for labor, birth and parenting any surviving baby/s postpartum.   

9.Explore the long term implications that can hinder the mental health of parents and children without intervention. 

10 Describe the concept of “protective parenting” in bereaved parents                    

11.Discuss the ripple effect that unexpected outcomes can have on extended family members…