7th annual Brain Sciences UNSW Symposium


7th Annual Brain Sciences UNSW Symposium

You are warmly invited to the 7th annual Brain Sciences UNSW Symposium which will be held on 7 September 2012.  

The theme for this year is “Networks and Neuroscience: The Connected Brain”.

The plenary speaker is Dr Jay Giedd, an eminent research psychiatrist and neuroscientist from the National Institute of Mental Health, Maryland, USA. Dr Giedd is a leading world expert on the development of the adolescent brain.

Recognition of the importance of networks in our daily lives is transforming the study of human behaviour, ranging from social networks to the relationships between individual nerve cells.  This Symposium presents an opportunity to hear Australian and International experts on brain sciences discuss how networks are adding to our understanding the function of the human brain, and how they may open the way to new types of therapy.  Speakers will present recent evidence on the human brain in the context of societal networks; how neuroimaging techniques are allowing us to study networks within the human brain; the effects of damage to networks through brain injury; and how innovative therapies may help to repair these connections.

Seating is limited so register by August 31.

For program, speaker details and registration please view http://www.brainsciences.unsw.edu.au/BrainSciWeb.nsf/page/Symposium2012 

We look forward to seeing you at the Brain Sciences UNSW Symposium 2012. 

Date:  Friday 7 September 2012

Time:  0830 – 1700 h.

Venue:  Leighton Hall, The John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington Campus

Fees:  $90 for delegate; $50 for current university students (PhD, Masters, Undergraduate)