6th Annual Westmead Psychotherapy Conference


6th Annual Conference Westmead Psychotherapy
Program for Complex Traumatic Disorders

Transformational Endings: understanding the opportunity
for growth in the experience of the ‘good goodbye’

Cost: $80.00
Friday, 13th October 2017
Westmead Hospital
John Loewenthal Auditorium, Education Block, Westmead NSW

All those working with patients dealing with trauma are welcome to attend.

At the heart of much traumatic suffering lies the experience of isolation and abandonment that occurs when human needs for relationship are not met. The experience of separation anxiety, evident from early in development, reflects the fundamental nature of this need. The ways in which evolutionary patterns of attachment have arisen reflect forms of adaptation essential to survival. This means that stakes are high when relationships of significance come to an end. Letting go is often difficult. Yet the path of maturation involves a transformation of attachment as the individual emerges from a limited engagement with family to a broader relationship with the community. Endings in psychotherapy often bring painful aspects of attachment experience into focus but they also present opportunities for growth as patients realize that needs for relationship can be met in diverse ways. As well as the science of psychotherapy, personal change involves transformations in terms of role and the sense of
significance held by individuals.

This year’s conference focuses on the processes of change associated with recovery from trauma. The work of Russell Meares in identifying the role of “The Poet’s Voice in the Making of Mind,” (title of his latest book) recognizes the therapeutic need for an active transformation of trauma. Professor Else Guthrie has applied the Conversational Model, with its understanding of relational trauma, to a range of acute and somatic presentations. Her employment of a written goodbye letter provides a focus for integration as patients move beyond therapy. The Westmead Psychotherapy Program is currently involved in research that looks at embodied processes of change occurring in psychotherapy.

Transformational Endings Program

8:45 Welcome, Ms Clare Lorenzen, Deputy Director Mental Health Services
9:00 Emeritus Professor Russell Meares –Trauma and Transformation
(Chair: 8:45am-11:00 Dr Anthony Korner)
10:00 Professor Else Guthrie –The Goodbye Letter
11.00 Morning Tea
11:30 Dr Anthony Korner –Testimony and Transformation
12:15 Associate Professor Loyola McLean – Considering and co-creating the goodbye
(Chair: 11:30am-1:00pm – Dr Michael Williamson)
1:00 Lunch
1:45 Dr George Lianos – to be advised
2:30 Mr Bradley Foxlewin – Trauma and Recovery: One goodbye begs another
(Chair: 1:45pm –3:15pm –Loyola McLean)
3:15 Afternoon Tea
3:45 Adrian Jones - Dreams: Language, Play and the Story of Self
(Chair: –3:45pm-4:30pm –A/Professor Janine Stevenson)
4:30 Introduction to Westmead Psychotherapy Program for Complex Traumatic Disorders Scholarship Program
(An informal discussion for interested parties)

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